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Introducung the all new A4 Stampers Friend Pro from Be Creative

Over the past six months we have set out to solve every problem we know exists with all stamping platforms.

We think we have achieved this by making our platform incredibly strong with the use of all new materials .

Unlike many other platforms , the new Stampers Friend PRO is mostly assembled from hand made parts which are not molded .

This means that you will always achieve an excellent immage every time you stamp and you will not need to exert as much presure to do so as the tool does not flex in any way.

If you suffer from any hand , arm or wrist problems then this tool should help you in your stamping .

The new tool is now on its way and should arrive in time for Christmas .

It has been many months of hard work trying to solve problems , but we think we have finally achieved it and we are very excited about the new tool and we think you will be too.


Please see the pic , this A4 size Stay Put Craft Mat fits conveniently in to the base of your Stampers Friend tool and can be used for bending , mixing etc .

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